Anastasia Shawnele is a sweet little young lady.  She loves to bring you a toy to throw to her.  She loves having cuddles from her human friends and doggie friends.   

Wilson Leonardo

Wilson is outgoing and loves to play with all of our other pets.  He is even big buddies with our German Shepherd. 

Buck Griswald 

Buck is very playful.  He likes to kick his paws as if he were a bull.  Buck is very unique in his coloring as far as Shichons go.  

     Both of the parents of our new puppies live in our home.  It’s amazing how it seems as though the father of the puppies is proud of his babies.  Our other dogs love to play with the new puppies and are very curious about them.

     Before our puppies go to their new home, they will be trained using potty pads.  These dogs are very smart and can easily be trained to do what is best at their forever home whether it is to use a potty pad or to go outside.  

     Once you have given us your deposit, we will email or text you pictures of your puppy daily so you can watch him/her grow and play.  Any pictures that we have taken of your puppy before you give us the deposit, we will be happy to share as well.  We would love It if you could send us pictures and updates after you take your puppy to its forever home.


In our home...

Our Shichon Teddy Bear puppies are raised inside in our home.  The puppies and their mother have the luxury of their own bedroom for the first few weeks after they are born even though we play with them several times daily.   We take our dogs with us on vacation as well.  After a few weeks, our puppies are encouraged to play with our other dogs.  Everyone enjoys doing this.  We treat all of our puppies as members of our family.  We also examine our puppies several times each day to make sure everyone is developing on schedule.

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list of one of our future puppies or our services, please call or text 859-462-9916.

Puppies are expected in the spring- Reserve your pick today!!!

Teddy Bear Puppies At Their Best

Welcome puppy lovers.  We are excited to share all of our puppies with you.  Whether you are just stopping by to look at our adorable puppy pictures, looking for some information about Teddy Bear Shichons or hoping to buy one of our available puppies to adopt into your family, we hope you find all that you are looking for.  Please, let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you by giving us a call, text, or email. 


Puppies are here!!! 

 The deposit is  $500.  The total price for adoption is $1250.  



Alvin's Land of Shichon Teddy Bears

Kalisia Addison is our only black and white female.  She loves to play with her puppy friends and wrestle. 

Annabella Bacardi is beautiful sweetheart.  She loves to have attention and cuddles. 


Kokomo Marie is very lovable and loves to cuddle.  She was an excellent mother.  She is very smart and loves to please.